Sonal Dua

Wife, Mother, Model Stylist
Software Professional & Entrepreneur

Beauty Queen - with multiple titles at National & International Levels

Sonal Dua Yakhmi believes that women are the most powerful beings in the world and that they should be given every opportunity to shine and that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space and impart positivity. 

Sonal Dua Yakhmi is an inspiration to the young girls around the world. She has won several beauty titles from Mrs India USA 2021 1st runner up to Mrs India NC 2020 1st runner up and Mrs Fashion Icon 2020. She truly owns the ramp! She has also walked gracefully for brands at New York Fashion Week, in February, 2022.

She's a woman with multiple hats without letting any one of them fall! She's an IT professional, a mother, fashion blogger, choreographer, fitness coach and a graceful model. 

Sonal has been a face and cover girl for multiple fashion brands. She believes that beauty is subjective, that we all have different types of beauty, and we have to work every day to develop our best version, and that true beauty is your essence, your values, and your principles. 

She aims to make this community a safer and happier place for women and children and that's why she works round the clock in certain non-profit organizations like Lifewire, Action Aid, and Amrit foundation in India and the US. 

It is like action carried out by Sonal to illuminate the lives of many. And Sonal has dedicated her life to advocate women rights against domestic violence and help children who have down syndrome. 

It is with greatest honor and duty to hold this torch high enough so that all the world could feel and see its light. She has immense love and potential for arts and colors, hence she magnificently portrays it through her clothing style and personality. 

She is the owner of fashion brand Sonal_Couture. Furthermore, she aspires to train and motivate female designers to help them lead an independent and empowered life. 

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